Newly Launched “Let’s Talk About ACP™” Website Offers Workshops and Training in End-of-Life Care

Let's Talk About ACP launch

CARY, NC, USA, March 8, 2022 / — The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Break The Bias. Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson’s contribution to International Women’s Day is eliminating bias in advance care planning and end-of-life decision-making in healthcare. Today, the website for her successful Let’s Talk About ACP™ workshop and training program will be officially launched and accessible to the public for International Women’s Day.

The Let’s Talk About ACP™ website ( is a platform for enrollment and learning, but the primary goal is to encourage individuals and families to talk about what their healthcare wishes would be in case of a medical emergency or life-threatening illness. It is a companion to Heart Tones’ ACP for AA™, or Advance Care Planning for African Americans, a national outreach initiative that partners with organizations to help bridge the racial disparity gap in healthcare ACP delivery, launched in November 2021.

We’re excited to help meet the need for advance care planning education within more Black communities through the Let’s Talk About ACP program.”

Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson

Dr. Anderson shares three ways to become involved in the Let’s Talk About ACP program: “Your organization can offer advance care planning education by becoming a facilitator, host, or sponsor. Our team is ready to help you get started–just reach out to us on the website to schedule a brief informational session.”

Churches, ministries, community groups, nonprofits, and healthcare-related organizations are encouraged to visit the website to learn more about bringing the Let’s Talk About ACP™ program into their communities. The new website offers Let’s Talk About ACP™ certification training for two facilitators per organization, unlimited annual usage, and supportive tools to assist organizations with hosting workshops, through an accessible platform within the Let’s Talk About ACP™ website.

“We’re excited to help meet the need for advance care planning education within more Black communities through the Let’s Talk About ACP program,” Dr. Anderson says about the launch of her new website.

Being unprepared for healthcare emergencies and end-of-life care planning is more common than it should be. The Let’s Talk About ACP™ workshop enables families to have more certainty about their loved ones’ emergency healthcare desires. It has proven to be an effective way to help others P.L.A.N. (Prepare for Life After Now).

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years in over 80 countries worldwide and is an official holiday in 19 of them. Numerous events are held across the world such as flagship events, forums, festivals, lunches, award ceremonies, etc. International Women’s Day fights against bias and takes action for equality.

We recognize the contributions of Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson’s work in the field of ACP as she is actively participating in breaking down bias to bring about a more diverse, impartial, and inclusive world.


Heart Tones™ is a literary arts ministry founded in 1986 by Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson. Heart Tones™ provides educational workshops, inspirational products, and helpful resources related to all seasons of life common to humanity, such as love, loss, and life itself. Its genuine commitment is to offer relevant and effective consultation, services, and products that help those who are helping others experience, acquire and maintain the quality of life they desire. For more than 35 years, Heart Tones™ has been providing resources and tools that enhance and improve communication between individuals and families.

Gloria Thomas Anderson, Ph.D, LMSW serves as an advance care planning expert and consultant for various hospices, healthcare, and non-profit organizations nationwide. Her resource book–the basis for the Let’s Talk About ACP program–The African-American Spiritual and Ethical Guide to End-of-Life Care: What Y’all Gon’ Do with Me? (The Guide) is now in its 9th edition and has received two CDC recommendations. For more information about Dr. Anderson or her work, please visit her website at

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